Tarot as an Evolutionary Path with Carolyn Ayres

Two Wednesday evenings per month

Starts January 20 & 21

6:30 - 8:00pm

Cost: See specific costs below

Online via Zoom and in the Garden Studio

Appropriate for beginners or experienced readers.  

An overview of all 78 tarot cards which takes you on an

initiatory journey of evolution as you travel the path of the cards.

Call for more information and to reserve a spot.  

Class size is limited.  707 - 442-4240  or 


Part I - Separation and The Call - January  through April

$40 per month prepaid or $140 for Part I of 8 classes 


The cards of The Fool through The Chariot

Aces through the Sevens


Part II  - Path of Initiation - May  through August

$40 per month prepaid or $145 for Part II of 7 classes 


The cards of Strength through Death

Court cards 

Review of first Ten Major and Minor Arcana


Part III Path of Return -  September through October


$40 per month prepaid for Part III of 6 classes for $110 which includes Initiation)