Wicca 101: Fundamentals of Craft Theory & Practice with Braeden C.

13 Sundays, March 24 - June 16

5:30 - 7:00pm

Cost: $195 per person for the full series

An introduction to the philosophy and fundamental concepts of the Craft of the Wise, also known as Wicca. This course is intended for the student of ancient religions and Goddess-worship, as well as for those whose path may lead into a deeper Craft experience.

Topics explored will include:

-Concepts of Deity (Goddess and God)

-Wheel of the Year/Seasonal Celebrations

-Ritual Practice and the Ethics of Magick

-Techniques of Divination

-And much more!!


Braeden C. is an initiated Wiccan priest, teacher, and coven leader with 25 years of experience. He received his 1st degree initiation in 2001 in Albuquerque, NM, where he was also a founding Board member of the Ardantane Pagan School. Also in 2001, Braeden established the Circle of the Rising Star, a teaching coven, in Durango, CO.

**Register Now by calling Braeden at 970-987-2745**