Elemental Herbalism with Sophia Laverdiere

5 Thursdays, August 29 - September 26

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost: $20/full series, $5/individual class 

Earth-Air-Fire-Water-Ether....Join herbalist Sophia Laverdiere each week to explore a different element. Learn how to view plants and people based on the 5 elements of the natural world. You will also learn how to blend a complimentary tea for oneself based on the elements and apply your knowledge not just to herbs but every day life! 


Sophia is a budding herbalist who believes nature has all the right remedies. From a young age she saw the wisdom which flowed through the natural world. She allowed it to carry her to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Arizona. There she studied many botanicals, flower essences, and other modalities of healing. After completing her Western Herbalism diploma, she found her passion in helping people and animals remedy their lives using plant allies

**Register Now by calling us at 707-822-5296 or dropping by Moonrise Herbs on the Plaza, Arcata**