Yoni Alchemy: 4 Weeks of Self-Care through Womb Love with Sabrina Ouriana


Ongoing Series - Thursday Evenings

August 2 - 23, 2018

6:00 - 8:00pm

Cost: $80 (Entire Course), $25 (drop in)

  • August 2 - What's your Yoni trying to tell you? Learn what your vagina and womb are trying to tell you. We will explore your relationship to your womb through a guided visualization and a hand-on Yoni mapping process that you can take home. We will also discuss common symptoms such as cramping, menstrual irregularities, infections, and more, what they mean, and what you can do to make your Yoni happy again!
  • August 9 - Yoni Self- Care 101 What ARE the basics of Yoni care? Beginning with a guided meditation and womb blessing to connect with our own feminine wisdom, we will locate our womb and ovaries and learn how to perform breast & abdominal massage for self-care. We will also explore the benefits of a variety of other self-care modalities such as herbal womb steaming, Yoni egg practices, and herbal wands. You will even get to make your own aromatherapy Yoni mist spray to take home! 
  • August 16 - DIY Yoni Steaming Come discover the womb healing power of Yoni steaming, and how you can do this ancient practice yourself! We will explain the history of vaginal steaming, its many benefits for menstrual, fertility, and reproductive health, and how you can comfortably do this treatment at home. You will learn about which herbs are appropriate to include in your Yoni steams for health concerns such as PMS and irregular menstruation, PCOS, postpartum issues, and infertility and have a chance to make your own Yoni steaming blend. Come learn about how to do this delightful self-care ritual that gently and effectively cleanses, tones and revitalizes your most sacred of places, and feels oh so nice!
  • August 23 - WTF are Yoni Eggs? This ancient Chinese Jade Egg practice has been around for thousands of years for feminine empowerment and transformation. Now, we will introduce you to this unique approach to strengthen, heal, and activate your wombs for every stage of womanhood. You will learn the history, uses, & benefits of these egg-shaped crystals for physical, sexual, and spiritual rejuvenation. By introducing Yoni Yoga exercises such as Yoni Breathing, and how to cultivate your own Yoni egg practice, you will know how to drastically improve the well-being of your Yoni and change your relationship to her forever! 


Sabrina Ourania, aka “The Goddess Alchemist” is a Menstrual, Fertility, and Reproductive-Health Coach and Astrologer, Yoni Yoga Instructor, Herbal Alchemist and Retreat Leader. She sees clients online & locally at the Arcata Healing Arts Center. Her current offerings include Intro to Yoni Yoga on Tuesdays evenings at the Community Yoga Center in Arcata, and Goddess Alchemy: An Embodied Exploration of the Goddess Archetypes on Wednesday evenings at the Wholistic Heartbeat in McKinleyville. You can find out more about her and contact her at www.goddessalchemist.com

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