JessiKa Theisen, Customer Service/Operations Assistant

Jessika’s path in herbalism is perhaps rather unconventional. She is self-taught and has spent the past decade of her life focused on the study of plant medicine. She is knowledgeable regarding plant identification and has led plant walks to teach others how to identify wild foods and medicines. She cultivates close relationships with many herbal allies and carries eclectic information regarding their diverse, and sometimes surprising, uses.

 A neo-pagan witch of fifteen years and now a formally trained hoodoo rootworker, Jessika’s personal specialties are magickal herbalism and the Tarot. Her passion is potions-making and she produces a myriad of conjure oils, magickal sprinkling powders, mojo bags, and other spiritual supplies. If you are interested in the spiritual properties of herbs, this is your go-to gal!