Hilary Eisma, Herbalist/Customer Service Specialist - Coming Back Soon!
Hilary is a fairly recent transplant to this lovely area, and appreciates the welcome she has received. A lifetime love of all things growing and green lead her to explore the often complex relationship between humans and plants, an exploration that provided her with a deep appreciation of and gratitude for the healing powers that plants so freely share with us. A graduate of the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda’s ten month Ayurvedic Herbalist Program, she loves to talk herbs – just ask!

It is Hilary’s pleasure to bring knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and usage of herbal and mineral medicines to Moonrise and its customers. 2016 finds her continuing her education toward certification as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and deepening her knowledge of human health on all levels – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Her firm belief that even the most dedicated and thorough application of herbal knowledge and medicine is ineffective unless applied with care and compassion informs all of her customer interactions. She will always strive to bring her care, compassion, and love of plants to every single customer